Abu Dhabi launches largest housing project Al Riyadh City

Government plans for a sprawling new housing development ‘Al Riyadh City’, as part of Abu Dhabi’s public housing policy, were unveiled on Tuesday.

The 8,000 hectare project, said to be the largest in the emirate, will be based 30 kilometres from Abu Dhabi Downtown, and is expected to accommodate 200,000 UAE citizens and occupy 45 percent of Abu Dhabi’s total residential land area.

The new city was announced alongside a series of new housing initiatives in the capital, including the launch of a new property management firm, Modon Real Estate Company, specialising in developing housing, infrastructure and community facilities to develop and manage the new development.

The project aims to create a modern, integrated and sustainable community in the South Shamkha, North Wathba area, that will cut waiting time for housing for nationals by half.

The new units will also provide housing for population segments, such as single female citizens, first time property buyers and other UAE nationals working in Abu Dhabi.

t will also offer a full range of public facilities, such as parks, schools, shops, mosques, and medical and community service centres.

Chairman of the Abu Dhabi Executive Office, Jassim Bouataba Al Zaabi, said the project is a central part of the government’s housing policy aimed at revamping the housing system, which is one of Abu Dhabi government’s priorities along with contributing to the social welfare and economic wellbeing of individuals.

Saeed Eid Al Ghafli, chairman of the Abu Dhabi Housing Authority, said that the latest residential developments aim to fulfil needs of different segments of Abu Dhabi citizens and to provide them with diverse service and facilities.

“The updated policies provide citizens with the freedom to choose the right homes for their families, which would contribute to their social wellbeing,” he said.

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